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Championing small businesses

The Roku team aren’t just digital marketing gurus. We champion small businesses because we’re experienced in running ones of our own. We know how challenging it can be – especially in today’s climate. And we also know just how much of a difference great marketing can make. 


We’re a pretty tiny team ourselves, which means that we’re nimble, tenacious and have the space to think creatively. We see these qualities reflected in our small business clients, and that’s exactly why we love working with them.


We think digital marketing should be accessible to everyone. We’re constantly looking for ways to offer more affordable, simplified services that deliver outstanding results. Digital marketing is becoming increasingly democratised, thanks to the development of AI tools. Our mission? It’s to make sure every small business can benefit from that.

Our story

Founded by ex-chef and marketing expert Paul Hannagen, Roku is one of London’s best digital marketing agencies specialising in new AI technologies. Roku is the Japanese word for ‘six’ – alluding to the six steps of our unique PICNIC Plan. 


Previously an all-singing, all-dancing creative marketing agency, Roku started specialising in small businesses when Paul decided to simplify the agency’s offering. Realising that most clients needed a super-efficient, bare-bones approach (instead of a full-service marketing agency), he invented the PICNIC Plan to offer just that. The PICNIC Plan was so cost-efficient, American Express got him to teach it to their merchants.


Today, Roku Agency is a leading digital marketing agency based in London, Tokyo and Ireland.  Our digital marketing company offers simple, straightforward plans to the businesses that need them most. Our in-house marketing team is passionate about helping every gutsy startup market their business online. 

Meet the team

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Paul Hannagen

Chief Executive Officer

Hi, I’m Paul Hannagen, the founder of Gastronomic Agency. I’ve been involved in the food and drinks industry for 15 years, as a chef, wine professional and the founder of numerous startups. Taking my knowledge and passion for building small businesses and applying it to our clients seemed like a natural fit, and something I am super passionate about! I love helping small businesses find the digital strategy that works for them and helping them grow.


Food likes: Steak, cooked properly, and BBQ, I love cooking outdoors!
Food dislikes: Smoked haddock, the smell turns my stomach!

Kie Hannagen

Chief Corporate Officer

As CCO of the company, I like to remain behind the scenes. By background I’m a lawyer with 10 years of experience in various in-house positions, from large global groups to startups.


Food likes: I have a problematically real sweet tooth!
Food dislikes: Fatty foods that leave a layer inside your mouth.

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team member
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Katie Cheng

Marketing Associate

Hi, I’m Katie! I’m in charge of some things here and there at GA, including blog content, SEO and social media.


I started several business projects during uni with my creative background. After uni, I used the funds that I gained to open up my current business selling embroidered bags which got pretty popular surprisingly. Thanks to this, I realised that I have a great passion for building businesses and making customers happy. I like to make a real difference wherever I go, and it’s easy when I love the business!


Food likes: Soup, pies, curry fishball.
Food dislikes: I’ve never tried it, but I find the concept of meatloaf a bit weird.

Jasmine Vorley


Hi, I’m Roku Agency’s main copywriter, working on blog content, ads, website copy and email marketing. Before Roku, I was a writer and researcher for a sustainable e-commerce company. And before that, my background was in design and crafts. I love switching up my tone of voice for the huge variety of businesses that come through our doors – it’s what makes the job fun.


Current obsession: Spam (as in the food). If you’re still a sceptic, try fried spam slices with kimchi, eggs and rice.

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Hi! I’m Jess and I’m a copywriter here at Roku. My main hobbies are archery,  crochet and fiction writing, which is what led me to copywriting.


Previously, I worked for an on demand copywriting service and am now enjoying the opportunity to connect more closely with businesses, helping them build an online presence and grow through my craft.

Madiha Ahmed

Account Manager

Hi, I’m Madiha Ahmed! I am an account manager for Roku Agency. My previous experience includes creating impactful strategies. and with experience in B2B client management and a flair for creating engaging content, I’m all about bringing creativity and strategy to life.


Food likes: Everything seafood!.
Food dislikes: Any food that has a strange smell.

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