Can a business be successful without advertising?

As a business owner, marketing can be one of the things that makes or breaks your endeavor, and it is something that the majority of companies rely on to promote their products and build a customer base. But, it can also be tricky and sometimes expensive. So, could you scrap it altogether?

We will explore how the absence of marketing would impact the consumer, some of the brands who are succeeding even without marketing, and whether your company could survive doing the same.

How would you personally be affected by the absence of marketing?

In a world where social media and influencers have the most sway over what we do and buy, what would happen if there wasn’t a single digital marketing company and you stopped taking in any marketing at all? You may not even realise how much you are impacted by marketing, or the amount of it that you see on a daily basis. You may not even remember a lot of the ads you see, but they can still have a subliminal effect.


Without marketing, the consumer would be exposed to fewer messages from brands, and may not even consider buying some products at all. For brands, marketing is essential, especially if you are promoting luxury products, or especially niche ones that the public may not consider buying without some prompting.

Is business possible without marketing mix?

Some of the best digital marketing agencies and advertising campaigns use strategies like marketing mix to ensure they are creating the best marketing for their business.


Marketing mix is a digital strategy used to promote your business, combining techniques such as advertising, public relations, promotion and social media. This mix usually focusses on product, price, place, and promotion, and enables the company to get the most out of their marketing budget and tailor messages for all kinds of audiences.


Without this mix of strategies, it can be difficult for businesses to effectively reach their target market. It also makes it hard for companies to stand out from their competitors, as without a range of tactics, it is more likely for the message to become lost in the noise.

A business without digital marketing is like a car without petrol

One of the most common comparisons is that a business without digital marketing is like a car without petrol. This is one of the easiest ways to visualise why marketing is so essential to the majority of businesses.


A car without petrol will never get anywhere, just like a business without marketing. You can have the fanciest and most expensive car in the world, but it won’t be able to run if it has no fuel. The same goes for businesses. You could offer the best products and services available, but nobody would know about them if there was no advertising.


However, there are a few exceptions to this rule, proving it is possible to make a business work without marketing, but only in very special circumstances.

Business without marketing examples

Here are a few examples of brands who have mastered the art of business without marketing.

Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce is a luxury car brand that is renowned for its quality and timelessness. For years, the company has managed to remain popular without any digital marketing techniques. The key to their success was creating the aura of exclusivity and superior quality around their products through word of mouth. People simply trust in the quality of Rolls Royce’s cars so much, that it has become an aspirational goal to own one. This is a great example of how powerful word of mouth can be, and how a business can thrive without marketing in the right conditions.

Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany & Co. is another luxury brand that has achieved success without the use of digital marketing. They have been able to create a strong reputation for themselves due to their classic and timeless designs. Their iconic blue boxes and remarkable jewellery have become a symbol of elegance, luxury and sophistication, allowing them to stand out from the crowd without any digital marketing help.


Perhaps one of the best examples, however, is Tupperware. This brand has become a household name, and yet they have never employed any digital marketing techniques. Instead, they base their business around the direct sales model. When Tupperware was first created, Tupperware parties were used to sell the product, proving just how successful unconventional tactics can be.


In conclusion, it is possible to run your business without marketing, however it only really works if you are able to provide a completely unique product that clearly stands out front he competition in terms of quality and experience for the user. You need to build this reputation before you can attempt to cut down on your marketing at all, otherwise you are likely to suffer from a lack of customers and therefore a lack of revenue to put back into your business.

Could a small business survive without conducting a marketing research?

The majority of failed businesses don’t last due to a lack of understanding around their target audience. One of the most fundamental parts of building a business is ensuring that you have a gap in the market or that there is an audience out there for whom your product or service would be useful.


Without conducting market research, you significantly decrease your chances of success. Firstly because you are launching a business without knowing whether there is an audience for your product to begin with, and secondly because you are drastically reducing the effectiveness of your marketing if you don’t target it correctly. So, while it is an option to skip the market research, it’s not one that would be recommended if you want your business have any chance of success.

Save time with top digital marketing agencies

In conclusion, both marketing and market research are essential to the success of a business. If you were considering cutting out marketing due to time or you just didn’t know where to start, a digital marketing firm is the answer.


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