Brand building can be tough, but brand strategy makes a big difference to your business in the long term. Reaching the right target audience is key to business and your brand marketing can be the difference between accessing this target market or not.

What is brand positioning?

Brand positioning is the process of creating an image or perception of a brand in the minds of consumers. This includes identifying and communicating the unique value proposition of a brand as well as differentiating it from its competitors. It helps businesses establish a distinct identity and build customer loyalty by appealing to their desired target market. Brand positioning also plays a crucial role in shaping consumer perceptions and building relationships through trust and recognisability.

Types of brands

There are various types of brands that exist in the market today, ranging from small local businesses to multinational corporations. Some common categories include product brands, service brands, corporate brands, personal brands and online or e-commerce brands. Each type of brand has its unique characteristics and strategies for building and maintaining its identity. For instance, a product brand focuses on creating awareness and loyalty for a specific product, while a service brand emphasizes the quality and experience of its services. A corporate brand represents the overall reputation and values of an entire company, whereas personal brands revolve around individuals as influencers or thought leaders. Online or e-commerce brands have a strong online presence and engage with customers through digital platforms. Understanding these different types of brands can help businesses determine which type best suits you.

How to build a brand

A strong brand identity can lead to more loyal customers and higher sales rates. To get started with your brand development strategy, there are a few beginners ideas that can get you off to the right start. Here are our top marketing strategy tips to help you build a successful brand.

Brand personality

Brand personality is a set of consistent characteristics and traits that define your brand’s persona. It helps to humanize your brand and create a connection with your target audience. To develop your brand personality, consider the values, beliefs, and emotions you want associated with your brand. This can be reflected in your visual identity, messaging, and tone of voice.

Brand story

A brand story is a powerful tool for creating an emotional connection with your audience. It’s the narrative that explains the who, what, and why behind your brand. Your brand story should be authentic, compelling, and relatable to your target market. It can help differentiate you from competitors and give customers a reason to choose your brand.

Brand voice

Brand voice refers to the tone and style of communication used by a brand to engage with its audience. It should be consistent, distinct, and appropriate for your target market. Your brand’s voice can vary depending on the platform or type of content, but it should always align with your brand personality and messaging. For example, a fun and playful brand may use a more casual and informal tone, while a luxury brand may use a more sophisticated and elegant voice.

Brand logo

A brand logo is the visual representation of your brand. It should be unique, memorable, and easily recognizable. Your logo should reflect your brand’s personality and values through design elements such as color, font, and imagery. A well-designed logo can help build brand recognition and create a strong visual identity for your business.

Get help with brand building

Building a brand takes time, effort, and consistency. By understanding the different elements of a brand, such as brand positioning, types of brands, and key strategies like developing a brand personality, story, voice, and logo, businesses can create a strong and impactful brand that

Here at Roku, we are a digital marketing specialists who can help with your brand development process. From marketing campaigns to building your brand’s personality through copy, get in touch for all the digital marketing support you could possibly need!

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