While many start their Christmas campaigns as early as July or August, it’s not to late to jump on the last minute Christmas market. With Google Ads, businesses can quickly and effectively reach their target audience during the busy holiday season.

What is the Google Display Network?

The Google Display Network is a vast network of websites, mobile apps, and video platforms where businesses can showcase their ads. It reaches over 90% of internet users worldwide, making it one of the most powerful advertising tools available. With Google Ads, businesses can target specific demographics and interests to ensure their ads are seen by potential customers who are likely to be interested. This is pivotal to reaching the right audience fast, so that you can catch the last minute shopper market.

Setting Up a Christmas Campaign

To get started with Google Ads for your Christmas campaign, you’ll first need to create an account on Google Ads. Once set up, you can then create a new campaign specifically for Christmas promotions.

Choosing Your Target Audience

Before creating your ads, it’s important to identify your target audience for the holiday season. This will help you tailor your ads and targeting options to reach those most likely to be interested in your products or services.

Using Keywords

Using relevant keywords is key for reaching potential customers during Christmas. Consider using phrases like “Christmas gifts”, “holiday deals”, and “last minute shopping” in your ad copy and targeting options.

Utilising Ad Extensions

Ad extensions can be a useful tool for increasing the visibility of your ads during Christmas. These include location extensions, call extensions, and promotion extensions, which can all help attract more customers to your business.

How to harness Google ads campaigns

To get the most out of your Google Ads campaign for Christmas, it’s important to regularly monitor and optimize your ads. This includes analyzing the performance of your keywords, adjusting bids, and testing different ad variations to see what resonates best with your audience.

Leveraging Google Analytics

In addition to monitoring your ads within Google Ads, it’s also important to utilize Google Analytics to track website traffic and conversions from your campaign. This will give you valuable insights into which keywords and ads are driving the most traffic and conversions, allowing you to make informed decisions for future campaigns.

Best Google Ads agency in time for Christmas

With its advanced targeting options and user-friendly interface, Google Ads is a powerful tool for businesses looking to boost sales during the Christmas season. By following these tips and continuously optimizing your campaign, you can effectively reach your target audience and drive holiday business success with Google.


A google ads management agency can make this much easier. The best google ads agencies provide a range of google ads services. From creating the engaging copy that hooks the audience for your paid search ads to posting you google search ads for you, finding a top google ads agency can make all the difference.


Here at Roku Agency, we can help provide inside knowledge of online sales, google shopping and building your google ads campaign. We are a PPC agency and google ad agency who can assist you from any stage to the completion of your campaign. So, to get your Christmas campaign launched as quickly as possible, get in touch today!

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