Creating small business marketing strategy is an essential part of establishing the company and ensuring that it gains a solid foothold in the market. With the right strategy in place, you can ensure that your products or services reach their target audience and achieve success. Read on for a guide on creating a marketing plan that is both ambitious and achievable.

Create a marketing in plan in 6 easy steps

It can be intimidating to get started as a small business, but a marketing plan is essential to the long term success of your company. So, here are a few simple steps to follow in order to put together a comprehensive marketing strategy. 

Market research

Research is an essential part of creating a successful marketing plan. You need to understand who your target customers are, what their needs and wants are, and how you can meet those needs better than the competition.


A good marketing plan should include detailed research into what competitors are doing, how customers are interacting with them, and how to best differentiate your enterprise from the competition.

Define your target market

It’s important to define who your target customers are, what problems they have that you can solve, and how they prefer to receive information about your product or service.

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Set goals

The next step in creating your small business’s marketing plan involves setting clear goals that you can measure and track. These goals should be tangible, measurable, and achievable in a given timeframe.

Plan to build a brand

Once this has been established, it’s essential to create a consistent message across all marketing channels so that potential customers understand your offering at a glance. A well-crafted brand identity should include visuals like logos, colors, and website designs that create an impactful impression.

Develop marketing strategies

Having established the target market and branding for your enterprise, it’s time to devise methods of reaching out to customers. This could include traditional print or television advertising, advertising your business online with digital campaigns on social media apps or websites, or promotional events.

Consider your budget

Your marketing strategy should include the tools you plan to use to reach your target audience and achieve your business goals, but you also need to consider costs to make it realistic. This is the time to look at setting an advertising budget. Tools like Google Ads (previously google adwords) can be hugely beneficial but it is important to consider how this factors into your budget.

Monitor and adjust

Finally, it’s essential to monitor campaigns closely to see what is working and what needs improvement. Adjusting your online marketing strategy as needed allows you to make the most of your marketing plan and get the best results from it. You can constantly improve your performance on any social media platform, for example, by monitoring current trends and adjusting quickly.

Digital marketing help for small business

Roku is a marketing agency for small businesses. We can work directly with small business owners and local businesses to build a brand and establish a long term marketing strategy even if you have no existing customers or branding to build from.


Our packages include a range of digital marketing services that can be tailored to your companies needs. As a small business owner, it is hard to find time for everything, but our experts can handle your whole digital marketing strategy and kick things off so that you don’t have to. Book a call to find out more today!

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