One of the most important aspects of small business marketing is identifying your target market. It is essential to establish who you’re targeting from the outset in order to ensure that all other elements of your digital campaign – such as website design, content strategy and advertising – are tailored towards attracting the right people.


At Roku Agency, we know how difficult it can be to identify your target market – particularly for small businesses. So, we’ve put together some handy tips to help you establish who you should be targeting with your digital campaigns.

Understand Your Business

The first step is understanding the product or service that you provide; for example, are you offering something that appeals to a broad audience or a particular niche?


It’s also worth understanding the industry that you operate in. Knowing who your competitors is also important, as they may have insight into how to best target and engage with customers that are interested in the products or services that you offer.

Understand Your Customers

The next step is to understand who your existing customers are. This is an important part of the process, as it allows you to identify what they’re looking for and how you can best meet their needs with your campaigns.


You should look at things like age, gender, location and other demographic data when trying to understand who your current customers are. You can also use surveys or customer feedback to further develop this understanding.

Set Goals and Objectives

Once you’ve identified your existing customers, it’s time to set some goals and objectives for your target market. Ask yourself questions like “who would benefit the most from my product or service?”, “what types of people are more likely to purchase my product or service?” and “how can I reach these people?”.


Having clear goals and objectives will help you to focus your efforts when it comes to targeting the right people with your campaigns. It also allows you to measure the success of your digital marketing activities, enabling you to adapt and refine your strategy as necessary.

Monitor Your Results

Once you’ve identified your target market and started to implement your digital campaigns, it’s important to monitor the results. This will enable you to spot any areas that aren’t working as well as they should be – for example, if a certain demographic isn’t responding to your campaigns – so that you can refine your efforts in order to get the best results.


It’s also important to note any changes to your target market as well; for example, if you’ve noticed that there is a trend among younger customers towards using a certain platform or type of content. Keeping up-to-date with these trends will help you ensure that you are always targeting the right people with your digital campaigns.

Get Professional Help

If you’re struggling to identify your target market or unsure of how to tailor your digital marketing activities towards it, then it may be worth getting professional help. An experienced marketing agency can provide invaluable insight into the best approaches including a range of digital marketing services.

Top digital marketing agencies can unlock the potential of your business, from helping you understand your target market to growing an engaged audience, all you have to do is choose the right one for you.

Choosing the best digital marketing agencies

For many, small business owners especially, online marketing can be tough. Establishing your target market, building a marketing strategy and sticking to it is time consuming and it can be frustrating as a business owner who already has so much to do. That’s why Roku Agency is here to help.


We are a digital marketing company which specialises in content marketing for luxury, ecommerce and food businesses. With proven expertise in the marketing industry including email marketing, video marketing and social media marketing services, our expert team can boost your online presence, increasing conversions. So, be sure to book a free call for specialised advice today!

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