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Roku Launch-kickstart your small business with our one-off-payment marketing plan




No monthly fees Just simple business marketing set up for you, ready to go

We know that monthly agency fees can look daunting for small businesses because of their tight budgets. If you’re a small business looking to take the next step but you’re not quite ready to commit to a marketing agency on a monthly basis, Roku Launch will be the perfect solution for you.


Instead of paying these monthly fees, Roku Agency now offers a one-off plan that will set you up with the digital marketing basics so that you won’t be needing a digital marketing agency, at least for a while!


You’ll be set up with the basics such as blogs, tracking, Google ads, social media ads, and fresh copy for your website, targeting all the relevant keywords to get your website ranking high on the Google results page.

Here's what you will get

Tracking set up for your business

To kickstart your analytics-tracking and optimisation

This will surprise you. Many business owners of many sizes don’t actually know how to set up tracking for their websites which means they’ll lose out on powerful data that they can use. Setting up tracking can be time-consuming and tedious, which is why we’ll set up the tracking for you on Google, Shopify (or your chosen website builder) and Facebook. You’ll be able to access useful metrics such as click-through rates, page views, cost-per-lead, conversion rates and much more.

  • Google (Search console, analytics, Google ads manager)
  • Meta (Facebook pixel, ads manager)
  • Shopify or alternative (tracking set up with Google and Meta)

Evergreen paid ads

To kickstart your PPC (pay-per-click) advertising for your target market
We’ll set up scroll-stopping paid advertising campaigns on Google or Meta (Facebook & Instagram) for you so that you can get your stuff out there to potential customers. We’ll zone in on the right target audience groups, so we know you’re reaching the right kind of people. We’ll even set up retargeting ads so that you can keep interested or existing customers in the loop. Because these are evergreen ads, you can keep them up as long as you like and you don’t need an agency to manage them for you.

SEO optimised blogs

To kickstart your search engine optimisation strategy
We’ll deliver 3 blogs written for your niche, written in the correct blogging format to kickstart your SEO strategy (which aims to make search engines, like Google, happy). We’ll research and target all the relevant keywords in an effort to build up your site authority, ranking you higher on the Google search results page. You can even choose the subject of choice that we write about, let us know and we’ll curate a plan for you with our specialised copywriters.

Bonus access to digital marketing tutorials - Roku Academy

To kickstart your knowledge of digital marketing basics
We have a library of technical tutorials for you that can be accessed at the click of a button. No more 1 hour long videos on things that aren’t even relevant to your business, only things that count. You’ll be guided by our CEO, Paul on our pre-recorded video walk-throughs on how to manage and set up ads, setting up tracking, managing your website build and more. Best of all, you can use Roku Academy to train up your in-house team on the latest digital marketing strategy too.

Roku Launch

Roku Launch - one-off price: £5000

With Roku Launch, there’s no monthly fees. We’ve essentially condensed months worth of work that you would get working with a digital marketing agency, into a one-off package. You’ll get your Roku Launch delivery within 2 weeks thanks to our streamlined working processes.

Roku Launch

Roku Launch - one-off price: £5000

With Roku Launch, there’s no monthly fees. We’ve essentially condensed months worth of work that you would get working with a digital marketing agency, into a one-off package. You’ll get your Roku Launch delivery within 2 weeks thanks to our streamlined working processes.

We’re the perfect solution for small
business marketing

We know the stakes are high when you’re running a small business as we’ve been there ourselves. This is precisely why we created Roku Launch: to kickstart budding small businesses with the foundations they need to really get going with minimal outside help.

We want to make a real difference for small business owners by cutting out the technical jargon for them.

Running a business can be time-consuming and overwhelming when there’s so many different ways of online marketing to learn. This is where we step in. With our years of experience managing successful digital marketing campaigns for other businesses of all sizes, we aim to make your marketing efforts really pay off, and quickly too.

What's after Roku Launch?

After you’ve received your deliverables, you’re free to go and take your business into its next stage. We’ll provide you with our Roku Academy video tutorials too to help you along.

Many of our clients actually decide to work with us again once they’re got the ball-running, opting for our monthly agency packages (that are still budget-friendly!) that include a more advanced version of the Roku Launch package. We offer full support and consultancy with our monthly services, so wouldn’t be a surprise if clients decide to tune into other avenues such as email marketing or help with social media posts, content marketing or market research.

Not sure if Roku Launch is right for you?

If you’re looking for help with your small business marketing strategy, we’d be happy to discuss your needs. We know how to get your product in front of paying customers through small business marketing strategies that work. Get in touch today to see what we can do for you or just for a simple chat about your business.

How will Roku Launch work and what can I expect?

We know that small business owners pour their heart and soul into their businesses, which is why we’ll support you every step of the way.

We’ll set up a call to discuss your business needs and goals

You’ll need to send us access to your business platforms so we can set up everything for you (don’t worry, we’ll guide you on how to do this)

We’ll send you the first draft of deliverables that you’ll sign off or provide feedback on

Once finalised, we’ll deliver everything for you as promised within 2 weeks and you’ll be ready to go

Roku Agency is a specialist digital marketing agency helping small business grow.

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