Businesses in the wedding industry - we can help you get more leads.

Don’t get left at the altar as the wedding industry grows.

£14.7 billion. 

That’s how much the wedding industry is worth in 2024.


And, it’s set to increase even more every year, with huge projected growth. That’s what you need to be a part of.


If you want your business to play a significant role in the 200,000+ weddings taking place every year in the UK, look no further. 

We recently generated £75,000+ worth of leads for a wedding catering client - with less than £300 total ad spend. Interested in getting these results for yourself too?

Does this sound like you?

You know that marketing your business is important – but you don’t know where to start. 


Everyone bangs on about prioritising a marketing strategy, but you’re too busy running your business.


You’re struggling to get leads, sales, conversions, and engagement.


You know you have the potential to grow even more.

What can we do for you?

We’ll build you the systems you need to scale your business:

👰 By setting you up with ads that convert. 

👰 By optimising your website, top-to-bottom.

👰 By writing high-performing blog posts to increase traffic.

👰 By giving you quality training, so you can replace us when we’re done.


The perfect solution for photographers, venues, caterers, boutiques and florists.

What’s in the package? Here’s what we’re proposing.

Start-to-finish digital marketing for lead generation – completely set up for you. Plus, expert strategic guidance from our expert team. And, lifetime access for our Academy, so you can learn how to replace us.
Step one is a really, really good marketing plan. Our expert strategists will examine your Environment(E) Creative(C) and Offer(O) to create a unique plan that puts you into a market of one.
We’ll write copy for your website that converts and gets you more leads.
Elevate your online performance by speeding up your website load time. We’ll fine-tune your site for fast loading, improving user experience and boosting search engine rankings.
We’ll implement an evergreen full cascade campaign on Meta Ads (Facebook and Instagram) to build awareness, desire and action. If needed, we’ll build and draft any other specific campaigns that you may need ahead of time (i.e. seasonal) so you’ll have everything you need for upcoming ads. All you’ll need to do after NOMAD Launch is turn the campaigns on and off.

Do you know you need around 100+ creative angles to get Facebook ads to work for you? We will create these, with copy designed to convert, based on your objectives and tailored ECOsystem plan.

Our team will help create scroll-stopping ad creatives. These can either be videos or images, creating media that attract your perfect client, with inspiring copy to match.
We’ll take a look at what kinds of ads and offers your competitors are running to attract your potential customers. We’ll then create your very own unbeatable offer.  

Why work with Roku Agency?

Fair question. We know that a lot of marketing agencies out there are all talk, no action. 


That’s not us, though. In fact, we recently generated £75,000+ worth of leads for a wedding catering client – with less than £300 total ad spend. 


The proof is in the pudding – or in this case, wedding cake.


Marketing for the wedding industry is what we do best. 


Want us to prove it? Just ask for more examples.


We offer our launch package for a one-off fee of £3k, ex. VAT. If cash is tight, just let us know, and we’ll figure out a solution.

We understand, we offer a tailored launch package that works solely on your ads. Book a call to find out more.

We have the perfect solution. Our bespoke storytelling package works with you to develop your voice through copy. With optimised blog posts and web copy, we can tell your story. Book a call to find out more.

If finances are an issue, we can still help out. Our Small Business Starter Kit is an affordable way to access our ads training.

Get all this for a one-off fee of £3k ex. VAT, delivered in just 2 weeks.

You won’t find better value from another agency. Trust us, we looked.

Cash a bit tight?

Alternatively, you can

  • Pay £1500 ($3,400) per month ex. VAT, and we’ll deliver everything over 2 months (£5,500k ($6,800) total).

It’s up to you. All prices do not include ad spend.

About us

Roku Agency is a leading digital marketing agency based in London, Tokyo and Ireland. Founded by ex-chef and marketing expert Paul Hannagen, Roku is one of the best digital marketing agencies in the game – and we’re growing fast.

Meet the team

dottd square

Paul Hannagen

Chief Executive Officer

Hi, I’m Paul Hannagen, the founder of Gastronomic Agency. I’ve been involved in the food and drinks industry for 15 years, as a chef, wine professional and the founder of numerous startups. Taking my knowledge and passion for building small businesses and applying it to our clients seemed like a natural fit, and something I am super passionate about! I love helping small businesses find the digital strategy that works for them and helping them grow.


Food likes: Steak, cooked properly, and BBQ, I love cooking outdoors!
Food dislikes: Smoked haddock, the smell turns my stomach!

Kie Hannagen

Chief Corporate Officer

As CCO of the company, I like to remain behind the scenes. By background I’m a lawyer with 10 years of experience in various in-house positions, from large global groups to startups.


Food likes: I have a problematically real sweet tooth!
Food dislikes: Fatty foods that leave a layer inside your mouth.

dottd square
team member
dottd square

Katie Cheng

Marketing Associate

Hi, I’m Katie! I’m in charge of some things here and there at GA, including blog content, SEO and social media.


I started several business projects during uni with my creative background. After uni, I used the funds that I gained to open up my current business selling embroidered bags which got pretty popular surprisingly. Thanks to this, I realised that I have a great passion for building businesses and making customers happy. I like to make a real difference wherever I go, and it’s easy when I love the business!


Food likes: Soup, pies, curry fishball.
Food dislikes: I’ve never tried it, but I find the concept of meatloaf a bit weird.

Poppy Johnson


Hey, I’m Poppy, Roku’s main copywriter! I’m busy working on any and all copy, including blogs, ads, web copy, e-shots and SEO.

My background is as a fiction writer, and my short stories have been published in various places. Since coming over to copywriting, I’ve worked at a magazine with sustainable businesses, as an editor for film scripts, and freelance for marginalised business owners. I love telling stories, and copywriting is the perfect way to support people in doing that!


Food likes: Eggs in all their forms.
Food dislikes: Mushrooms – which is unfortunate, as I’m a vegetarian!

dottd square

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