This is a question we often get asked at Gastronomic Agency, so we thought we would take some time to answer some of them here

What is a social media marketing agency?

This is a type for digital marketing agency that offer social media marketing services. This could include strategy, content creation and/or paid social media campaigns.

Does social media marketing services include paid media?

Generally, a paid social media agency, also known as a performance marketing agency, take care of what is called media buying, spending money on ads for social media advertising.

As content has become more and more important, a lot of these agencies are adopting more of the creative agency model, providing social media services as those traditional of a paid digital marketing company.

Is paid marketing still a good social media strategy?

We believe, because of our background as a paid marketing agency, social media marketing (SMM) should still form a core pillar of your overall social media marketing strategy.

It is still an unparalleled approach to reaching your target audience, quickly. If you have the correct PACO Fit, (Product, Audience, Creative and Offer) you will beat your competition, every time.

Does social media agencies do search engine optimization?

They can do, some of the best social media agencies have different departments that include content creation, website creation as well as search engine optimization.

We were told to look for a content marketing agency, what’s the difference?

We tend to see social media marketing companies take care of social strategy, maintaining the social media channels as well as social media management, influencer marketing and community management.

A more full service full service digital agency will often act as a content marketing agency too.

Need a trusted social media agency?

If you need an addition to your marketing team or a little boost for your social media platforms, Gastronomic Agency is a global social media agency that can help support your growth.

Book a call with our digital marketing team below and let,s talk about your growth. Book Your Call Here

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