At Gastronomic Agency, we get asked by our clients whether an email marketing campaign should form part of their digital strategy.

In this blog post we try and shed some light on why email marketing should be core to to your digital marketing and answer some key questions we often get asked.

Does email marketing still work in 2022?

Yes. An email marketing strategy is a really cost effective way to talk to your current customers to incentivise new purchases and engagement. Once you spend on the email software, you are able to send multiple emails to your audience and you don’t have to pay for ads.

Once your can really hone your email marketing strategy, you can really optimise your email campaign performance and scale quickly.

How much does an email marketer charge?

This varies. You could go with a standalone email marketing company, but we find the top email marketing firms in terms of open rates and conversion rates offer other digital marketing services within their packages so they are able to take an omni-channel approach and squeeze the most successful email marketing performance.

This is what we do in Gastronomic Agency, with our NOMAD or PICNIC approach, that you can find out more about here.

How do I do email marketing in the UK?

Firstly, decide on your campaign strategy is. Are you doing lead generation, ecommerce, marketing support? Whatever it may be, decide on the goal and work back to establish the key steps of implementation. Then pick a email marketing software from the next paragraph and start building out your campaigns.

Which site is best for email marketing?

For ecommerce we recommend Klaviyo. This interacts really well with Shopify and WordPress.

As a lead generation agency, email marketing services form a big part of what. For these type of campaigns we use ConvertKit as well as Upviral (Vlog Coming Soon!).

What companies do email marketing best?

This is hard tor say as no two digital marketing agencies are the same. We have seen some great campaigns from stand alone agencies, but firmly believe the because your target audience are on different devices, channels and apps, proper campaign set up, segmentation and tagging are really important. That is why we are advocates for a cross channel agency to deliver better results.

Looking for an email marketing agency, London?

As a food and drink marketing agency we spend our time doing digital marketing, email marketing and content marketing, so we really know what we are doing!

If you are looking for a team to help drive you growth online, get in touch below and lets see if we are a good fit. GET IN TOUCH today.

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